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Good Day!
As I was reflecting on what I felt the Lord wanted me to share in this month’s newsletter, I felt an overwhelming feeling to share something about change. We all deal with changes. Some are major and life changing and some are small and fairly insignificant. One key thing to remember is we all deal with change differently.

I find myself in awe of the strength of the strong women we have here that have lost their husbands in the past year. Their faith and love has kept them going strong. We wonder how they can adapt so well to change, but they know without a doubt their husbands are safe and secure in the arms of our Lord and Creator and that gives us peace beyond understanding.

How do you deal with change?

Does change, no matter what it is, frighten you? I myself worry about change. But God tells us that He works out all things for the good of those who love Him, and we are to take Him at His word. This talk of change and how we deal with it really should make us take a look
at our walk of faith with Christ Jesus. Though sometimes we are afraid or disgruntled by the hand life has dealt us, the outcome relies on how we deal with the situation.

Will we be faithful or will we become bitter and withdraw from the life God intends us to have? Sometimes change means over coming the grief and the fear of the unknown and being OK knowing we are safe and secure in the arms of God. We know He loves us unconditionally and He tells us that nothing can snatch us from His arms.

Will you call on Him when you are in shifting sands?

I pray each of us will be open to growth in our spiritual lives and
walk with our Lord and Creator who loves us beyond human

May you find peace and joy in our redeemer, our Lord, & Savior Jesus Christ!

Go in peace & Go be a blessing!

Bro. George

If I can be of service to you please come see me, email me, or call me anytime. I am honored to serve you,

You’re Brother in Christ Jesus,
Pastor, George Sipp

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